September 19, 2016


Shadow Study - Summer

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    • Hello and thank you for your question. December wasn’t included as it is not a requirement of the application process in the city of calgary. That said, we do have images of December 21 available if you’d like to provide us with a name and an email address to send them to.

  • My house on Blakiston Dr. is across the street from the park directly in line with the 2nd building. Even at the solstice your shadow study indicates that the sun will be blocked out by those 2 huge buildings after 4:00 pm.
    Definitely not in favour of the height of these 2 buildings.
    Take 20 stories off the first one and cut the second one in half or get rid of it all together.

    • Hi George – Thank you for your feedback. We appreciate your concerns about building height and want to address the reasoning behind height and building placement. Brentwood Commons is a Transit Oriented Development site, designated by the City of Calgary (see this report for details – click here )
      ) . This means there is a certain level of density required by the area redevelopment plan which was create by the city and community in 2008. As such, we’ve concentrated the bulk of the density in the larger tower directly across from the LRT to minimize and eliminate, wherever possible shadowing to the park and surrounding area. We cannot achieve the required density with lower building heights. If the large tower was shorter, the other buildings would have to become taller, creating a larger area faced with shadows (much of the park) that would also have other challenges. We feel this is the best design to balance the needs of all stakeholders. Without knowing where your home is specifically, we cant comment on where it lies in relation to the tower shadow – however it should not be significantly affected by the shadow as most shadow is in a small portion of the park.

      Please contact us if your would like to discuss this further or have any other questions. Thank you!

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