September 19, 2016


Site Plan

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  • Hello Co-op redevelopers,
    I did attend your open house but didn’t really get a chance to leave any feedback. While I am in favour redeveloping both sides of Brentwood Mall (the coop and the riocan mall), I think your current proposal will cause a problem for the riocan project and the future pedestrian/transit friendliness of the community as a whole by basically ending the idea of a pedestrian oriented main street for Brentwood. The fact that you are proposing to build the new Coop store across the axis of the street and are diverting the street around the back of the development will make it difficult for people walking towards the pedestrian oriented street from the northwest (ie from the corner of Brisebois and Brentwood Rd which is currently the only access to residents coming from northwest of Brisebois) The current pedestrian route is right in front of the existing coop, behind the gas bar and Wendy’s and then between the colourful buildings. Your plan is going to put a building in the way of this route, not unlike how City Hall and the LRT blocked of Stephen Avenue in the 80s. I am afraid that the proposed diversion around behind will frustrate the effort to create a new “main street” in Brentwood before it even gets off the ground resulting in a parklot access road from no-where to no-where instead of a commercial centrepiece for our community. Could you consider leaving the “street” unobstructed and enlarging the Coop store on station (SW) side the property leaving the main floor of the smaller building on NE side or other smaller tenants (like the Bank, Drycleaner, maybe even coop travel or liquor? You could even get really creative and build a two story coop with a +15 across to the other side while retaining an outdoor street, or at least street right-of-way connecting to the existing/proposed street through University City.

    • Hi Kyle – Thank you for your note – apologies for the delay in responding. The project has focused on pedestrian access points to all surrounding areas as well as LRT access. Some pedestrian routes will be altered; however they will be diverted to new, safer routes including better interface with Blakiston park. We value your feedback and will look into the suggestions made to see if they are feasible. Thank you again for contacting us!

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