September 19, 2016


View from Nose Hill

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  • While I am all for density, I feel the proposed height does not fit the fabric of the community. Max height should be equal to university city.

    I’m also quite sceptic of the engagement process for this. The public information sessions were not adequately promoted and many residents were unaware of it. I would like someone from the project to follow up with me to clearly outline the engagement process (what is open for input, how input will be used, when will report backs take place, what are all the channels to provide feedback, etc).

  • The size and scope of the project looks great. Preservation of services and linkages to people movement is noted. Also preservation of Blakiston park is appreciated. I love the height of the west tower. It fits beautifully with Calgary and really serves to ‘high’light the community. We live in the foothills, not the prairies. Our city landscape is so sprawling and flat, that the addition of mountainous height to the landscape texture is very much welcomed. This really emphasizes and complements the forested beauty of Brentwood and the gentle rolling of Brentwood Heights. It also speaks to the structures of the university, research park and in the distance, the 2 hospitals. The scale suits the traffic infrastructure. This sort of thing should be done more around Calgary, as it serves to heighten the desirability of nearby neighbourhoods.

  • Recently retired, I have become a C-Train fan connecting to hospitality services, shopping and running errands by public transit during the day. A development of this type is reminiscent of Vancouver and suburbs with a number of high-rise buildings away from the downtown core. Brentwood Commons will present an opportunity to drive or very easily take transit; with a comprehensive large scale development at the edge of urban green space and low rise residential. The proximity of the university campus an added bonus.

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