September 19, 2016


New Brentwood Co-op store

FAQ for Brentwood Commons

Why isn’t Co-op just building a new store or renovating the existing one?

In well-established neighbourhoods, there’s an expectation from the city that when land is redeveloped, density will be increased (the number of people living in a set area or property) and wherever possible should include residential, office and commercial space. This is especially true for the Brentwood Co-op because of its proximity to the LRT station, the University and major roadways like Crowchild Trail. We’ve worked closely with the community association and the city to develop designs that increase density while still respecting the needs and fit with the neighbourhood.

In regards to renovation, the current store is over 40 years old – renovations would not address issues in a cost effective way or give Co-op members the best possible experience long-term – the system and structures are too outdated. A new store would have a more effective layout, offer better programs and services (in addition to what members already enjoy) and would be modern and energy efficient.

Will the store be smaller?

The store will be slightly smaller, with a more modern, efficient layout (similar to Midtown store). It will have all the things you love about the current store and more with a more efficient use of space and easier to navigate. There will also be additional community space and green initiatives like rooftop gardens.

Will the store be closing?

The old store and related services (gas bar etc) will not close until the replacement store is open. There will also be a new liquor store added.

Where will people park?

There will be surface parking as well a three level underground parkade (primarily for residential and office use). There is also a proposed covered connection to the LRT station for transit users.

Who owns the land?

Co-op owns the land.

Will this affect Blakiston Park?

This project will not take any land away from the park (which is city owned). Our site designs have focused on creating a better connection to park pathway systems, with better lighting and safety measures in place to create a better environment and experience for those using the park. There will be a courtyard facing the park, as well as residential units, creating an urban village feel.

Won’t there be a lot more traffic?

A comprehensive traffic study was done to look at traffic patterns and determine the impacts on area roads as well as pedestrian mobility and bike paths.  A proposed traffic light would  alleviate turning issues at peak times at the west end of the property. It is anticipated that many residents will use the LRT for travel.


When is this starting?

We submitted applications to the City in December 2016, and if all things go to plan,  we are hopeful construction will start in about 12 months. We’ve been working with the city and community association for 2 years to get to this point and we are excited to share our progress with the community.

How long will it take to build?

Once approved, from first shovel in the ground to last light bulb, about 6-7 years. The new store should be ready around the 4 year point.


Will the residential units be condos (for purchase)?

At this time, certain buildings portions are designated as residential. There will likely be a mix of condos and rentals, but that mix will be determined at a later date, depending on the market.

Who is your target residential audience?

We are designing the residential units and amenities for a few different groups – “Right-sizers” who are looking for a smaller living space that requires less upkeep but allows them to stay in the area.  Young professionals, particularly those involved in short and long term research positions at the university and neighbouring facilities will also be a focus.

Who is the developer?

Quarry Bay Investments. We are a Calgary based, family owned company that’s been involved in real estate and business investment for 40+ years. We are working with Co-op on this project.

Who is building it?

The construction company will be selected after applications are approved

How can I get updates on the project?

You can follow on the website or contact us at any time. We will also begin sending email updates once construction planning commences.