City Survey for Proposed Brentwood Development

In December 2016, after over 2 years of planning, public consultation and design work,  we submitted a Land Use Amendment Application and Development Permit application for the Calgary Co-op site located at 4122 Brentwood Road NW.

The Land Use Amendment Application is to redesignate the property from C-R3 f3.0h46 to Direct Control designation that would be based on the C-COR1 designation to allow for an increase of height up to approximately 148 metres adjacent to the LRT Station. The application number is LOC2016-0328.

A concurrent Development Permit has been submitted with the Land Use Application to redevelop the site to include new multi-residential dwelling units (approx. 540 units), office and retail space (including a new CO-OP) in the community of Brentwood, located in NW Calgary.  The application number is DP2016-5143.

The proposed intent is to create a mixed use development that will replace an aging retail grocery store and related infrastructure while introducing new amenities including housing, retail, and office space. For the project details, please visit the information page here.

The Brentwood Station Area Redevelopment Plan (ARP) provides the local area policy for the subject site.  All redevelopment within the ARP boundary is required to meet the policies of the ARP or apply to City Council to amend the ARP. If you have any questions about this or how the process works, please let us know!

As The City begins its evaluation of the proposed development, they want to hear your thoughts, ideas, likes and concerns about this development. Your input will be used to help inform The City’s review of the application. Please complete the online survey to share your thoughts on the plan. This survey will be open from April 7 – April 17, 2017.

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